Green spaces and lockdown III

An increasing proportion of the population lives in cities. In Europe it is expected that around three quarters of the population will live in urban settings by 2020. Urban living limits access to nature and can increase exposure to certain environmental hazards, such as air and noise pollution. Many urban areas face increasing pressure from expanding populations, limited resources and growing impacts of climate change. These challenges must be addressed in order for cities to provide healthy and sustainable living environments (World Health Organization report A Brief for Action 2017).

The need for everyone to get out into the urban gardens that we do have to exercise and enjoy the benefits that daily contact with nature brings is even greater in our third spell of lockdown. While you’re out, look out for the early signs of spring.

Camden Council are currently researching the role that their parks play in health. Why not tell them how you feel you have benefitted from the green space near where you live – and how you might like it to be better or offer you more:

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