Big changes in Brunswick Square

All summer and autumn work has been going on in a major re-ordering in Brunswick Square. Landsdown Terrace on the south side, has been closed to through traffic and a new zebra crossing leads straight across to The Brunswick. The roundabout has been removed, giving direct access to now-two-way Grenville St. Planting from the former roundabout has been incorporated in the newly created large public space at the south-west corner of the square to which granite benches have been added; new trees are expected this winter. It’s nearly finished!

Locals have been puzzled by the appearance of weedy flowerbeds in the pavements. These are ‘rain gardens’, areas designed to soak up heavy rain water, which are being filled with appropriate ‘sustainable’ plants, expected to do a job and be able to look after themselves (i.e. not the old-fashioned formal display bedding), as well as softening the hard paving.

There are always snags to be cleared up in a new scheme, but hopefully it will all soon bed down and look less stark and new.

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