Tackling litter

I was impressed yesterday when, just ahead of me in the street, I saw a young man bend to pick up an abandoned drink can and carry it to a litter bin further down the road. In the gardens, however, lovely summer weather has left the litter bins often too full for lunchtime picnickers to drop waste in, and the wind blows around the sandwich bags and empty cans and bottles stacked beside them. Some people never even get as far as putting their fag ends into a waste bin -even though it is an offence to drop them.

Veolia are responsible for emptying the bins and clearing any escaped litter. There is an app that Camden encourage residents to use for future reporting of litter or refuse issues from their phones, see https://www.camden.gov.uk/clean-camden?inheritRedirect=true

You can also call 020 7974 4444,

A campaign has been started to try and bring better streets and garden squares to Bloomsbury, see: https://bloomsburylitter.home.blog/





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