New trees need water to thrive

Trees are not just beautiful, they are an essential element in a healthy environment. While they make an urban area look more attractive, they also provide a home for birds and insects, absorb CO2 and release oxygen back into the air. London has some eight million trees and the amount of carbon stored in London’s urban forest is immense, around 2.4 million tons.

Autumn in Bedford Square

Every year Camden plants 400 trees, of which 50 are in new locations, not just replacing dead or fallen trees. So far in 2019 102 trees have been planted, 47 in new locations, and the rest will be planted between October and March. Tree officers are always looking for new locations, so let the team know if you find a likely spot:

Young trees need water to help them establish and, to improve their chances, watering bags have been installed on a number of new trees around the area. You can help by filling the bags with water through the top hole above the ‘help water me’ sticker, especially in the summer and in any spring or autumn dry spell.. The bag slowly releases the water into the soil over 3-6 hours. You can’t overwater in a dry spell. Give the new trees near you a helping hand if you can.



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