Goldfinches in Marchmont Community Garden

Goldfinch pair feeding in MCG 26.3.12

Goldfinches in MCG (photo: R. de Freitas)

A lovely pair of goldfinches was spotted last week in one of the cherry trees in MCG as a volunteer was tidying up after the recent gales. This is the first such sighting since the early days of MCG in 2012 (see image).

Quite a few great tits have been spotted – fingers crossed that a pair of them choose to nest in one of the bird boxes that have been cleaned up for them.

Keep your eyes peeled for other small birds and let us know if you spot anything unusual:




  1. Patricia Wager · · Reply

    There is a small flock of goldfinches coming for sunflower hearts in the feeder on my balcony in Red Lion Square which also attracts coal tits braving the bullying finches to grab a morsel. Robins and occasionally a wren also visit. The goldfinches’ loud twittering in the plane trees sometimes attracts the attention of passers by.

    1. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. margaret Brett · · Reply

    Wonderful news

  3. Margaret Brett · · Reply

    Nice to hear from you Ricci and wonderful news. Thanks also for the lovely variety of flowers

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