Bird watch in Bloomsbury’s squares


Photo by Jonas Bengtsson

The recent walk carried out during RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch was successful in spotting a good variety of birds in the squares visited: Gordon Square, Woburn Square and Russell Square. To quote the walk leader (who runs weekly walks in Bloomsbury) it was an exceptionally good walk for this area. 

The following birds were recorded and reported to the RPSB Big Garden Bird Watch:

Parakeet: 1  Robin: Blackbird: 3 Blue tit: 4

Great Tit: 5  Magpie:3  Jay: 1 Carrion Crow: 1

Wood Pigeon: 3 Great Spotted Woodpecker: 1

Herring Gull: 3 Goldcrest: 1  Goldfinch: 5

Long-tailed tit: 2 Coal tit: 1

Future bird walks are listed at  (every other Thursday at 9am and every other Friday at 8.30am)


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