Broods of blackbirds

Ricci de Freitas of Marchmont Community Garden (MCG) writes:

You won’t believe it, but I had noticed a female blackbird hanging around in the garden for a few weeks. I saw it fly into the green ivy wall a few times.Then I heard the familiar sounds associated with nesting and feeding young. After a few days out of town I was watering the garden and guess what? A stubby-tailed young blackbird appeared in the blackthorn tree, calling for its parents to feed it.

This makes it a record sixth brood of blackbirds in one breeding season for MCG! I reported the first brood in March (see March 2018 archive, Welcome Signs of Spring).

We can be very pleased with our biodiverse garden, but we must look at what we now need to do to attract the smaller birds to the site next year. Is there anyone who would like to take this on as a project?


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