Beware barbecues and cigarettes

Although visitors may have loved the hot weather since June, it hasn’t been very good for the gardens  which have suffered in the drought. So it’s especially important to take care with things that can cause fires. Camden encourages users of BBQs to be sure to place them on level ground where they will not tip over and NEVER under trees or by shrubs and preferably not on grass. See the recent damage in Russell Square below – clearly the Camden code wasn’t followed.


Disposable BBQs are not allowed. Never use petrol or parafin as a lighter and never leave a lit or hot barbecue unattended. Dispose of cooled charcoal in the metal bins provided and clear up all your rubbish.Some 63% of litter collected from parks is food and drink-related; much of it could be recycled.

Cigarette butts are making a filthy mess around seats in many of the squares as people can’t seem to walk a few yards to a bin despite the fact that dropping butts is a finable offence. If you are a smoker please don’t add to the litter.

Please help keep the squares clean and green this summer.

For more info see and and rubbish


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