Whole Earth – photographic exhibition in Gordon Square

The UCL Sustainability Team and the UCL Institute of Sustainable Resources are hosting a large environment-themed photography exhibition in Gordon Square from 21 September to 16 October. The project is called WHOLE EARTH.

The exhibition is being put together by the Hard Rain Project in collaboration with the NUS and EAUC, and will also be simultaneously displayed at 100 universities around the world. The photography will be themed around tackling the environmental challenges we all face.

Gordon Square Gardens is an ideal location for this exhibition, giving students and members of the public time to enjoy the gardens, take some time out of the hectic start of term, and engage with these important issues.

The Hard Rain Project’s previous exhibition ‘Hard Rain’ has to date been seen by over 15 million people worldwide, and has received accolades from a wide range of people including David Cameron and Arundhati Roy.

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