Supporting new initiatives in the Bloomsbury Squares

ABSG railings flier imageA new flier presenting the Bloomsbury Squares as a group, including a location map, has recently been produced and is being distributed locally to help make the Association better known and attract local residents to get involved with the different Friends groups. It is also hoped it might be used to attract sponsors for various activities that will benefit the squares.

One major initiative that needs support is volunteering in the garden squares. Camden is now suffering so much from cuts that they only do the most basic maintenance in the squares – not really good enough for such important and tourist-facing places. So we are trying to build up a team of local gardening volunteers, such as you see at National Trust of English Heritage properties. We’re starting small, in Brunswick Square, with the help of Green Gym but hope to spread out eventually across any others that need the help. Next date is Sat 17 October from 10.45 am.

Contact for more information.

The flier was produced with help of local businesses and the support of Prospect-Us recruitment agency (design)  and Hurford, Salvi, Carr estate agents (printing) is gratefully acknowledged.

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