London Tree Week 24-31 May 2014

London Tree Week is a week-long celebration of London’s leafiness. It provides an opportunity to celebrate, promote and explore the city’s trees and woodlands.  Londoners are encouraged to love, appreciate, understand, sit under, look at, decorate, water, prune, enjoy, smell, and (if necessary) hug the capital’s trees.

London Tree Week 2014 will fall Saturday 24 – Saturday 31st May. Look out for further details of events. If you would like to get involved, or have a tree-based event planned for the week, please get in touch via

Trees and woodlands make London a more attractive place and help combat the effects of climate change. London Tree Week is supported by RE:LEAF, a partnership campaign led by the Mayor to protect the capital’s trees and encourage individual Londoners, businesses and organisations to plant more trees. The Mayor also wants to protect London’s woodlands and associated wildlife and make London a greener, more attractive city.

London’s population is expected to increase to about 8.5 million by 2025. RE:LEAF is committed to increase tree cover by 5 per cent by 2025 – equating to one tree for every Londoner.

More information:

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