Free exhibition at October Gallery, Queen Square

The Flower Press   10th May 2014 12.30pm-3.30pm


 The Amies is a group of strong, artistic ladies who have escaped human trafficking. They are working together to give each other support, use their creative talents and have a laugh at the same time! October Gallery began working with the Amies in September 2012, through PAN Arts.

Using the traditional techniques and symbolism of floristry the Amies  have constructed  their own system of meaning relevant to contemporary life. Subverting the neutral ‘women’s craft’ they have created a series of unique floral installations; messages charged with personal significance.

Each session the Amies  have learnt new floristry skills, whilst developing ideas on how  flowers can be used to create a narrative about their life experiences. Making structures, masks, drying flowers, pressing flowers, combining text and design, the Amies have found exciting new (and sometime humorous) ways to express themselves!

Come to October Gallery on 10th May for live music, interactive artworks, sculpture and installations. Refreshments provided.

BIG NEWS: This project has inspired us to find a way to continue its impact. October Gallery and PAN Arts are now working with the Amies to create a social enterprise, with the view to being able to improve the employment situation of victims of human trafficking. We will be creating interactive cards and wrapping paper and have been in contact with potential stockists.

This is project has been made possible through generous funding from: The Goldsmiths’ Company, Awards for All and Femmes D’ Europe and flower supplies from Heavy Petal, Dawson Flowers and Cave London.

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