Lead a volunteer garden team

An experienced gardener is needed in a voluntary role as the leader of a team of volunteer gardeners

The Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens is looking for an experienced gardener to organise a team of volunteer gardeners in the squares of Bloomsbury. The role is entirely voluntary, but expenses for materials will be covered.

The ideal person might be:

  • a recently retired professional
  • an amateur gardener, especially with experience of leading non-gardening or volunteer teams
  • a former volunteer in a large garden or park
  • a trainee looking for experience

The role includes (and will be developed by discussion):

  • Building up a group of gardening volunteers for a regular weekly or fortnightly session
  • Planning and implementing a rolling programme of general maintenance (weeding, light pruning, minor replanting and sowing)
  • Explanation of tasks to the volunteers and general overview of the work
  • Risk assessment and management

If you are interested in leading or being part of such a team, please contact us on folia@tiscali.co.uk

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  1. Jane Wood · · Reply

    Would you like to lead a Voluntary group for the Bloomsbury folk? Please feel free to contact me 07941-382-903 🙂

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