Waitrose in-store charity collection for Brunswick Square

Waitrose has kindly offered an in-store charity collection during the month of November to help support the work of the Friends of Brunswick Square*, who work hard to keep the square a place that everyone can enjoy using. It’s a quiet backwater, with few permanent residents,  other than in the flats in O’Donnell Court of the Brunswick, so it really needs this local support.

Please support this local group by putting your tokens in one of the boxes in the store during November. Thank you.

See the Friends page on this website:  https://bloomsburysquares.wordpress.com/brunswick-square/friends-of-brunswick-square/  They’d love you to get involved with them.

*The Friends of Brunswick Square have  the following aims:

  1. to promote the enjoyment, and safe use, of the gardens by the whole community;
  2. to ensure that the square is adequately maintained and that repairs, alterations and improvements are made in keeping with the character of the square and its history;
  3. to conserve the trees, plants and wildlife of the square;
  4. to involve local communities and businesses, and to liaise and network with other local groups who have similar aims;
  5. to propose schemes and ideas for improvement of the square and to promote its heritage, bio-diversity and community interest.

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