British Museum gift for Brunswick Square

Now that the North American garden that bloomed so colourfully in the British Museum forecourt over the summer is being dismantled at the end of the season, the plants are finding their way to Brunswick Square. The central bed, which has needed a facelift for a while, is being replenished with these colourful and drought-resistant perennials -though drought resistance hasn’t been at the front of our minds in recent months, it is an important characteristic in many London urban summers.  Hopefully they will provide the same show of colour in the square as they did in the Museum forecourt  (see photos below).

Once this bed is completed, replanting of the long south border in the square will also take place over the winter.

Colourful show in the British Museum North American garden 2012

Echinacea and other North American native flowers           

Flowers in the Museum grounds

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  1. Great you liked it – our squares love to be liked!

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