Guided Walks in Bloomsbury Squares

Goodenough College has devised free local walks around the Bloomsbury Squares which are delivered by College members  every Saturday at 11:00am on the following topics:

  • The Squares of Bloomsbury,
  • Art and Society in Bloomsbury,
  • Dickens, Disraeli and Friends,
  • The Heart of Bloomsbury,
  • Women of Bloomsbury.

The meeting point is The Goodenough Club (23 Mecklenburgh Square, London WC1 2AD).  Contact Cultural Bloomsbury if you would like information about the walks.  They can also arrange walks to order for groups of 8 to 10.  For booking or details: or call 020 7520 1573.
Walks in 2012 are:
27 October – The Squares of Bloomsbury
3 November – The Heart of Bloomsbury
10 November – Dickens, Disraeli and Friends
17 November – Art and Society in Bloomsbury
24 November – Women of Bloomsbury

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