Artworks and memorials in Camden’s public spaces -a consultation

A welcome announcement – Camden are developing a policy on the siting and suitability of monuments and memorials in their public spaces, including the Bloomsbury Squares,  and invite public participation in a consultation until 2 December. See details below – and take the opportunity to respond with your views on their detailed proposals.

“The Borough of Camden has a diverse history of great cultural significance represented across our public realm by world renowned statues, monuments and artworks. As Camden’s population continues to lead at the fore front of modern politics, art, music and science, a distinct desire to acknowledge great people and commemorate prominent events is stronger than ever. However, the space we share is a finite resource. In order to make well informed decisions on prospective artworks and memorials considerate guidelines need to be in place to best satisfy the requests from the public which in future will be used as a basis for supplementary planning guidance.

To make the process of siting an artwork or memorial within Camden’s public realm easier and more transparent we have been working hard to develop a guidance document outlining the considerations that any prospective application needs to satisfy. With this in mind we would like to extend to you an invitation to engage with us and provide your valuable views.

You can contribute in two easy ways:

Your opinions, feedback and recommendations for the guidance will be gratefully received and will provide us with an integral viewpoint from which to continue with the development of the guidance document due for publication in spring 2013. We welcome and encourage all to get involved in the consultation and in preparation please find attached the draft guidance document and accompanying preliminary sites assessment which is under continuing expansion and development. For enquiries regarding accessing alternative formats of the guidance and site assessment please contact Richard Connell (”

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