Chelsea Fringe: Sketching in the Bloomsbury Squares

The Chelsea Fringe festival is 11 years old, now worldwide, and will have events in Bloomsbury this year!

Community gardeners, artists, activists and anyone with an interest in gardens, plants and outdoor space have a chance to get involved and do something fun and positive.

Nick Andrew, an artist of the outdoors, will be sketching in Queen Square (24 May), Cartwright Gardens (25 May) and Bloomsbury Square (26 May) from 10 till 5, weather permitting. He invites you to bring along a sketch pad and join him.

Nick’s drawings of the squares were chosen to illustrate the book Bloomsbury’s Squares and Gardens and, as Artist in Residence during the Bloomsbury Festival 2021 his artwork was displayed in an Open Air Art Gallery and he did another series of drawings of the squares.

He will have an exhibition in Bedford Square during Open Gardens Weekend 11-12 June

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