No Mow May in Bloomsbury garden squares

The University of London is taking part in No Mow May across their managed gardens in Bloomsbury. This means their grass will be spared the cut for the whole month.

No Mow May is a national campaign by Plantlife. The benefits are:

  • Providing more nectar for ten times the amount of bees, butterflies, moths and other pollinators. With pollinators in sharp decline this is increasingly important.
  • It can allow the growth of a wider varieties of other flowers.
Gordon Square
Spring in Gordon Square Gardens

One comment

  1. Conchita Navarro · · Reply

    The best thing you can do that costs nothing, and will bring in more insects many which at risk from loss of habitat. I applaud you! My only wish WD be for come patches or areas to be left whole summer, bringing far greater benefit. Apologies if you already do – I’m not there often nowadays, but it’s my old patch and I’m very keen to see it develop ecologically – Conchita Navarro

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