A greener, healthier, wilder capital city

London National Park City commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey of a  representative sample of the Capital’s communities in March and April this year. Later this year, they will be reviewing politicians’ progress in delivering against their manifestos, especially commitments to improving green and public spaces.

YouGov’s survey records the expectations and desires of Londoners, with 94% of Londoners wanting our parks, public gardens, waterways and open spaces protected. More than just protection, they want our shared spaces to be of a high quality, to attract diverse users and to be safe.

It’s not a surprise. Post-covid, it is surely time to recognise the important role our green and blue spaces play as vital components of public infrastructure and to invest in them accordingly. Let’s see how our politicians respond.

See the full report on the survey.

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  1. Thank you for writiing this

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