How to identify trees

How To Identify Trees by Greg Packman, Arboriculturalist
Thursday 13 May 2021

This talk is taking place ahead of the Urban Tree Festival which runs from 15th-23rd May. London Gardens Trust is delighted to promote this Festival which celebrates urban and suburban trees, woods, forests, scrubland, hedgerows and all the wild places that bring life and joy to our cities.
In his talk Greg will present tips and tricks for identifying trees in leaf; look at leaf shape and structures, flowers, fruits and bark. The presentation will cover commonly found species in UK parks and gardens, including native and introduced species.
Greg Packman is Senior Tree Inspector, London Borough of Islington  and a former Arboricultural Officer for the Royal Parks.  He leads regular tree walks and presents on a number of tree management issues; particularly London plane trees and Massaria disease of plane, of which Greg has internationally recognised expertise.  He is also a member of  the Urban Tree Festival Steering Group.
All lectures and booking online. Tickets: £4 for members of London Gardens Trust; £6 for non-members
The talk will be available as a recording to subscribers who can’t listen at the listed time.

Book your tickets here

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