Beautifully illustrated new book from the Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens

Bloomsbury is a leafy, atmospheric neighbourhood of garden squares, differing in size, shape and individual character but all bringing a rural ambience into the urban surroundings. The Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens has published this book to showcase these diverse squares, trace their history and give a sense of their life today.

The original watercolour illustrations by Nick Andrew bring the modern activities of the squares to life and complement the many photographs, all taken by local residents. Prints of the illustrations are available to purchase. Contact

The Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens works to conserve the heritage and beauty of these spaces while encouraging safe public use which is enjoyable for everyone. All proceeds from the book will go to support their work and that of the Friends groups.

Softback. 94 pp. Available at £8.99 from Skoob Books in the Brunswick or online at

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  1. Congratulations!

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