Garden news

Friends of the Bloomsbury squares have been active in recent weeks, now restrictions have eased.

Marchmont Community Garden, which has been closed to the public during the lockdown, has been hosting regular get-togethers of shielding older people who have been able to meet their friends for the first time in months, thanks to the foresight and organisational skills of Diane Fisher, KCBNA’s Community Worker for Older People, ably assisted by Judith and Zach. One such event turned into a joyous party to celebrate the 99th birthday of a male garden user.

Brunswick Square volunteer gardeners returned for a trial gardening session on the first weekend of July  and hope to keep going as normally as possible in future on the first weekend of each month. Look out for their banners with dates and come and see what they do -and what you can do.

Wildlife has not been forgotten. Marchmont Community Garden had a special visit from a young heron seeking shelter from a very angry bunch of seagulls who we later discovered were nesting in a nearby building. The poor bird was traumatised, with passing humans concerned enough to ring the police and PDSA. It ended well, with the heron first landing on a balcony of Foundling Court, before eventually departing in safety.

Bird feeders installed by Good Gym volunteers, July 2020 - funded by Russell Square Commissioners

One of the new bird feeders in Russell Square

In Russell Square, Good Gym volunteers have installed a couple of bird feeders with squirrel-proof peanut dispensers, which were funded by the Russell Square Commissioners.


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