Peter Pan and Brunswick Square

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Peter Pan is associated with Brunswick Square, as J. M. Barrie once lived there.  The literary connection was celebrated during Open Garden Square Weekend in June, as a children’s art activity took Peter Pan as its theme and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital charity (who benefit from Barrie’s royalties) had a promotional stall.

A fruit and veg floor mosaic was created, with visiting children adding a little to the picture as the day went by. Waitrose kindly donated the materials.


Little Gem lettuce leaves provided the ‘feathers’ for Peter’s green feathered cape, with grated carrot for his hair; white cabbage made the clouds and red cabbage,which dried to brown in the sun, formed the tree bark. The final picture showed Peter standing on a branch and crowing (with the pirate ship on the horizon).


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