Petition to save parks funding

Tavistock Square is looking lovely in the spring sunshine, but keeping it looking lovely is a costly task.


(Thanks to Margaret Brett of Friends of Tavistock Square for the photo.)

Heritage Lottery Fund bosses are meeting today, Tuesday 23 April, to discuss their plans for the next five years. But just before they head into the room, a petition signed by over 200,000 people will be presented,  asking them to bring back much needed money for our parks.

Heritage Lottery Fund’s parks programme invested millions of pounds in our parks and green spaces.  But they’ve scrapped the fund, putting the future of our parks at risk. Now they’ve asked the public how they should spend their money next year. By signing the petition in our thousands, speaking up for our parks now, it is hoped to make the point that spending the money the green spaces desperately need is a concern for many.

The petition was organised by 38 Degrees and the Parks Alliance.

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