Caring for young trees – please water me

Planting trees has a wealth of benefits. Trees provide habitat for wildlife, help people stay healthy, Autumn in Bedford Square and enhance the character of our urban area.

Camden have a tree planting programme with a target of planting 400 trees each year, though in recent years they have exceeded this target, planting an average of 522 annually.


The tree team select trees that are suitable for each location and make sure they have a diversity of species overall, ensuring a healthy tree population, increased canopy (leaves and branches) cover and a range of wildlife benefits. Once young trees are established they are maintained on a three-year cycle to help them flourish.

You can help care for the new trees by watering them, especially in hot dry summer weather. Look out for the ‘please help water me’ labels on tree stakes. Even if the label is missing, you can’t hurt a young tree by watering it!

(from Camden Matters)

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