7/7 memorial to go ahead

The installation of a memorial within Tavistock Square Gardens to commemorate the 13 innocent victims who lost their lives in the terrorist bus bombing at Tavistock Square on 7 July 2005 has received full planning permission. There is currently a small plaque on the railings of the British Medical Association on the east side of the square, outside which the bus was blown up.

Tavistock Square Gardens is known as a Peace Garden and has many statues and memorials around its grounds.

In fact, it has so many that the siting of a memorial in the square has not been without its opponents, as it is not the first time that Camden Council’s own policy on artworks and memorials has been noted but over-ridden (twice in Gordon Square). The Bloomsbury Conservation Area Advisory Committee felt so strongly about this memorial not being approved that they submitted two separate objections to it.



One comment

  1. As the then Chair of the Friends of Tavistock Square, I worked with the Council on the development of their policy on artworks and memorials, which contained a specific provision for a 7/7 memorial. So nothing has been overridden, and the integrity of policy remains intact, so far as it applies to Tavistock Square. Philip Nelson

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