Volunteer gardeners make a ‘first Saturday’ date in the square

Healthy exercise, reasonably gentle work (you can choose your level) and some good company -all away from the traffic fumes in a lovely green square. What could be more enticing to get you out of your room, flat or house?


Volunteer gardeners in Brunswick Square

Brunswick Square has an established team of volunteers who garden for two hours on the first Saturday of each month and they’d be happy for you to come along and join them from 10 am to 12 noon (you only have to bring some gloves if you can). A professional gardener leads the team and  helps with anything you need to know.

This year we are hoping to expand to other squares, and try some weekday and lunchtime slots. We’d be delighted to hear from you, so we can really get the gardening bug going in Bloomsbury’s leafy squares. It’s good for keeping the squares looking as splendid as world-class green heritage should -and it’s very good for you too!

Contact bloomsburysquares@talktalk.net


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