Step out in February

VAL MARTIN MEMORIAL WALKS -Dates for February 2017

Guided, Historic Walking Tours of our Bloomsbury Squares, Val Martin Memorial Walks are free of charge and open to the public. No need to RSVP. Just show up! Everyone is welcome. They occur every Saturday and begin at 11:00am on the front steps of The Goodenough Club, 23 Mecklenburgh Square, WC1N 2AD.

4th February: Women of Bloomsbury
11th February: Literary Bloomsbury
18th February: The Heart of Bloomsbury
25th February: Women of Bloomsbury

Each themed walk lasts about an hour and is led by a different tour guide every week. Tour guides are volunteers and members of Goodenough College,, sponsor of the Val Martin Memorial Walks. If you would like to schedule a private guided walking tour for your own group, please email:

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