Green wall in Southampton Row

Have you noticed the new living wall above Pizza Express in Southampton Row just along from Russell Square or Bloomsbury Square ? What was a dull, even ugly, modern frontage has gained unusual interest (especially if you are on the other side of the road or upstairs on a bus). Maybe other sites in the area might be candidates for similar treatment, making the ‘garden square quarter’ of Bloomsbury even greener.



In creating the wall Dalton Warner Davis llp were able to address concerns raised by the planning process in relation to the appearance of the Green Living Wall, its impact on the Conservation Area and its long term management and maintenance. They demonstrated how the proposal will preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the Bloomsbury Conservation Area, whilst helping Camden Council and Greater London Authority meet their sustainability goals and improve air quality.




  1. What a great example of a succesfully implemented green wall. Started my own green wall company in Israel in 1997, mainy for offices, hotel lobies and outside wall decorations.It brings me great joy to see my dream come true in other places to.

    1. Yes, it’s great. We did a post on it in August 2016. Check out the post Green Wall in Southampton Row.

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