Bloomsbury bedhoppers – BBC’s Life in Squares

‘Lived in Squares, painted in circles, loved in triangles’ as someone once said, talking of the Bloomsbury Group, arguably the Bloomsbury squares most famous residents. Now the BBC has picked up their story in a three-part mini-series. The story beings at the start of the 20th century, as the Victorian era ends and an unexpected period of  freedom  begins. All notions of bourgeois respectability were alien. It explores the literary and artistic group’s ‘rationale’ as well as their unconventional lives, spent in part in several of the squares in our area, including Gordon Square and Brunswick Square. Virginia Woolfe’s diary notes at one point: ‘Marchmont Street -so like Paris!’ Wouldn’t you just love to know exactly what she meant by that! While the series might not answer that question, it will be interesting to revisit why the group made Bloomsbury famous. (BBC 2 Mondays 9 pm).


  1. donald hidde · · Reply

    Pls keep sending, my wife and I will be in Bloomsbury from Oct 7 to the 17th, sorry to miss the blooms ,but, this is our second trip last one 8 years ago, , just plain love the area and the residents,the excitement mounts with each one of your posts.

    Thank You very much

    Donald Hidde Mequon Wi USA


  2. Great that you love the area. What a shame you will miss the Emma 200 festival in September:

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