Public art – the Marchmont Community Garden Ceramics

Bloomsbury Festival & Parasite Ceramics are very pleased to announce that the I–SPY artwork created in association with for the Marchmont Community Garden has now been installed.

The ceramic tile mosaic in Marchmont Community Garden

The ceramic tile mosaic in Marchmont Community Garden

During the Bloomsbury festival of 2013, Parasite Ceramics ran a two-day I–SPY ceramic printing workshop outside the garden with the public. Using the leaves of the garden as an identification tool for each plant, they invited the public to impress them in tiles and splash coloured slip over the top. It was a great success! Everyone was ‘impressed’!

This tiny award-winning garden, which is run by wonderful and passionate volunteers, is situated off Marchmont Street at the end of the Brunswick Centre; the artwork can be seen anytime by the public during daylight hours. If you enter the garden from Marchmont St you will need to turn around halfway down to see it behind you on the side of the raised bed.

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  1. an amazing effort in making gardening and using ceramics together as a blend of nature and man-made.

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