Books About Town – book benches in Bloomsbury Squares






All 50 unique BookBench sculptures, designed by local artists and famous names, came to rest in Gordon Square in October before a public auction. With Bloomsbury ‘s strong association with the world of literature, it was an ideal place to display them. Some of the Bloomsbury Squares had hosted benches over the summer.

The Books about Town auction raised a quarter of a million pounds to improve literacy in disadvantaged areas. Proceeds from the auction go to the National Literacy Trust and their work raising literacy levels in the UK. They work with schools, run literacy projects in disadvantaged communities and campaign to make literacy a priority for politicians and parents. For more information about the work they do and their projects, visit their website

James Bond Book Bench


Paddington book bench

Some of the BookBenches will be displayed in public places. Stay tuned to Books about Town for updates on where they will be so you can continue to enjoy them!


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