Saving Bloomsbury: A Case for Celebration

Forty years ago, the people of Bloomsbury drew, wrote and celebrated their way out of destruction.  A Case for Celebration is an exhibition from 14th to 26th July that illustrates a treasured area of Bloomsbury that was saved and marks the significant efforts made at the time to protect it from demolition.

This exhibition features the original illustrations drawn by Albany Wiseman for The Case Against Destruction (Camden Council, 1974), a booklet which was produced in resistance against the destruction of several renowned streets. In the early 1970s the streets opposite to the British Museum in Bloomsbury were described as ‘one of the last villages in London’ (Nairn, 1974) yet they faced total demolition to become the site of the new British Library. Albany’s drawings meticulously and affectionately recorded the streets that were due to be demolished and today these powerful, detailed illustrations evoke familiarity as much as nostalgia.

The exhibition is hosted by Rodic Davidson Architects 

1 Pied Bull Yard


Visitor Information

Open to the public – Admission Free  Weekdays 14th – 26th July 1pm – 6pm

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