7/7 Memorial Lecture, 2014 – Martine Wright

The 7/7 Memorial Trust is delighted to announce that Martine Wright, a 7/7 survivor and Paralympic athlete will be delivering this year’s 7/7 Memorial Lecture on the evening of Monday 30th June in The Great Hall at the British Medical Association in Tavistock Square. Martine Wright lost both legs in the 7/7 terrorist attacks on the London underground, yet she considers herself a lucky women with a whole new life of opportunities. She has since rebuilt her life, skydived, learned to fly, and become a member of the British 2012 Paralympic volleyball team. On 6 July 2005 Martine and work friends gathered to watch the announcement of the host city for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. The next morning, having overslept, Martine caught the Circle line and sat just three feet away from suicide bomber Shehzad Tanweer. The worst injured, and consequently last rescued survivor of the 7/7 bombings, Martine was trapped for over an hour having lost 80% of her blood supply as well as both legs above the knees. There followed a painful year of rehabilitation including learning to walk again on prosthetics. It’s the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics that gave her life new shape and her days meaning. For everybody in Britain, those two days were among the strangest and most shocking in recent history; for Martine it provided a spring board for new opportunities and goals and a new life! At this years lecture Martine will attempt to reflect upon and share her story, her experiences and what she has taken out of her journey to be a Paralympian and beyond. The 7/7 Memorial Lecture series was conceived to provide a lasting positive remembrance to those who lost their lives across the four sites, and to the survivors and witnesses and the emergency services. It addresses themes of humanity, tolerance and the human cost of conflict, with the invited speakers specifically chosen for their authority, experience and activity in these fields. The first two lectures in this series delivered by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC and Lord Ian Blair and can be viewed by visiting: http://www.tavistocksquarememorialtrust.org/annual-lecture.html To reserve your tickets please visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/77-memorial-lecture-2014-tickets-10867130881

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